Up North

Home Fries spent the last week in heavenly northern Michigan with 28 of my closest family members, staying at The Homestead Resort near Sleeping Bear Dunes. Since it was rainy most of the week, we spent quite a bit of time out and about, taking in the sights and shops.

In Glen Arbor, I loved Cherry Republic's scones (cherry, of course) and Cherry Soda. Their t-shirts are also super cute and a cut above the typical tourist fare. You can also finds all sorts of M-22 goodies (so named after the Michigan road that runs all through the Leelanau Peninsula).

If you happen to journey up north, also check out the town of Leland and it's historic "Fishtown." The original wharf area has been preserved and is now home to charming boutiques and yummy places to eat. On your way out of town, check out the 45 North winery (run by a fellow DePauw grad). They do a great wine tasting....yummy and not-too-serious.


Sell Out

So if you spend any time at all traveling the Internet Superhighway, you know that Microsoft is continuing its quest toward World Domination with its latest search engine, Bing.

I'll be the first to say I'm a Google girl, tried and true.


When it comes to travel, Bing Travel may just be my new best friend. Their travel search engine will tell you whether to buy or wait on those tickets to Vegas, thus saving your pennies for the slots.

(Dear Google: Never fear, I promise I'll only be cheating on your for travel. I'll still continue to bless you with my presence on all other searches---like finding out when Glee premiers or how to cook soba noodles. xoxo Home Fries)


Absense Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

My apologies, dear reader, for the lack of posting. Home Fries has been burning it at all ends and has felt too swamped to post. A travesty, I know.

But no more!

The folks at Farm Fresh Delivery have me snapping out of my blogger ennui. The service, available in the Midwestern hamlets of Indianapolis and Cincinnati, allows subscribers to bring the farmers market home through its delivery service of fresh fruits, vegetables and other dining delights. Home Fries particularly loves the vintage feel of having milk (yes, real honest-to-God milk straight from the farm) delivered on my front porch.

It nearly inspires me to tie one on (an apron that is) and call myself June Cleaver. Nearly.


Triple Word Score

Trying to release your inner marketing maven? See how your brand stacks up with wordle.net's wonderful word cloud tool. And, it'd doesn't look half bad, either.


On Holiday

Home Fries is a big fan of all things travel. Europe, Asia, down the road and back again--it's all good to me.

So I've been saving my pennies for my next Big Adventure. This time, I've got my eye on England or maybe Wales (or maybe both).

In order to get the Full Experience, Home Fries plans on staying in one of these charming, quaint and other cutsey-words cottages owned by the National Trust. I mean, hello, you can stay in a manor house that even Mr. Darcy would approve of. AND?! They are in the realm of affordable so even the average joe (or Home Fries) can afford to spend some time on holiday.

Now, to perfect my scone recipe....and figure out how to stomach clotted cream.


Pomp and Circumstance

Bakerella has put us all to shame with her creativity...again.

Check out her smart little graduation cap pops...perfect for all those graduation parties coming up. So easy that even I can make them, these little pops would be great for a party or gift.


Move Over, Captain Planet

Feeling ashamed about your lack of greeniness? No worries, Sustain Stores is coming to the rescue.

Whether you are finally ready to start composting, or would like to outfit the kiddos with something organic, you'll find all you need to become a anti-plastic bag, pro-all-things-earthy, birkenstock-wearing, modern-day hippie.

Feeling less inclined to live a life more suited to Ed Bagley, Jr? Don't worry, there are things for those us who still leave a carbon footprint. You don't even have to install solar panels to enjoy things like BPA free Water Bottles (cancer, bad) or organic beauty products (pretty, good).

Makes ya feel all good inside, doesn't it?