It's a Party

It seems like there is always a reason to party in the spring. Valentine's Day, St. Patty's, Mardi Gras, Easter--the list goes on and on.

Home Fries is currently eyeing the goods for sale at Plum Party for an possible Easter Egg dying get-together.

Check out these cute plates:
And these eggs would be so cute stacked together in an old hurricane vase.


Colorful Cake

Kudos to Omnomicon for bring us her Rainbow Cake how-to. Home Fries plans on using it next week at her throw-back 80s party and calling it a Rainbow Brite cake.

It's easier than you would think--and sure to grab kudos of your very own.

As a shout-out to Home Fries friend Becca, do as your momma taught you and use a Betty Crocker white cake mix. It's the best.