Music to My Ears

You must have been living under a rock not to hear about the Internet radio sensation Pandora.

For those uninformed, it is the result of the Music Genome project that catalogs music. All kinds of music. Good music. Bad music. Twangy music. Rock music. Pandora takes said catalog and can create, with your input, your perfect radio station. Addicted to Abba? There's a station that will have you saying Mama Mia! Hungry for country? Get your fix on some Pasty Cline, Johny Cash or even Taylor Swift (gasp).

I'm pretty sure that Pandora has saved the sanity of many a worker trapped in a cubicle or at a desk for hours upon hours every day. Personally, when I hear Time After Time come up, I do an internal happy dance that is bound to take the workday blues away.

But for those of us without iPhones, Pandora has remained elusive for listening on the go. Our long national nightmare is over! Pandora is finally ready for Blackberry. After giving it a try for the last week, I must say, it's even better than I thought it would be. No streaming issues and is perfect for walks with Max the dog or traveling.

Strap on your spiky heels and get your groove on!

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