Spring Chickies

Home Fries will be the first admit, I'm not the tidiest baker. So I do really well on things that don't require precision or loads of patience. But, Bakerella won me over with these cute little spring chicken cake pops. What's a cake pop, you ask? It's a cake that's been baked, cooled, rolled up into a little ball with icing and then covered up with candy melts.

So last night, there I was making little chickies until about 10 p.m. I have to say, mine don't look nearly as neat and tidy as Bakerella's, but they do, in fact, resemble chickens. (well, mostly--there is one that looks like a blob. I prefer to think he is simply big boned.).

I'm hosting an Easter egg decorating party tonight (photos to come), so these chickies will make the perfect little favor for guests to take home....or eat right then.

Be sure to check out the Bakerella archives; she's got all sorts of good ideas, no matter the season.

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